PREST documentation

version 3.02 February 15, 2005
Copyright(C) Lei Sun, Kenneth Wilder, Mary Sara McPeek

The following files describe the usage, input and output of our PREST and ALTERTEST software. PREST is a program that detects pedigree errors by use of genome-screen data. PREST incorporates the EIBD, AIBS, IBS, and MLLR test statistics developed by McPeek and Sun (2000), Statistical Tests for Detection of Misspecified Relationships by Use of Genome-Screen Data, American Journal of Human Genetics 66:1076-1094. ALTERTEST is a program that performs the EIBD, AIBS, IBS and MLLR tests on the problematic relative pairs identified using PREST. The purpose of ALTERTEST is to allow the user to choose the relationship to be used as the null hypothesis for the tests, and this relationship is allowed to be different from that given by the pedigree. In contrast, PREST will automatically use the relationship specified by the pedigree as the null hypothesis for the tests. ALTERTEST can be used independently of PREST.

The current PREST distribution includes an R program written by Daniel E. Weeks ( that draws out the the sharing probabilities on the 'relationship triangle' as described in Elizabeth Thompson's book "Pedigree Analysis in Human Genetics".







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