Prest-plus is a software packages for detection of pedigree errors, cryptic relatedness and relationship mispecification in GWAS or linkage data. Using an optimized MLE estimator for IBD probabilities, prest-plus computes accurate estimates for IBD0/1/2 using any number and combination of SNP or microsatellite marker data. It can work as efficiently and accurately with a microsatellite linkage panel or SNP data from a GWAS study.

To use prest-plus on your dataset download a version suitable for your computer platform. Prest-plus is developed in C++ and the source code is freely available in the download page.


Documentation on how to use prest-plus is available here:


Version 4.09 - October 5th, 2010

Source code
prest-plus-v4.09.tar.gz Source code for version 4.09
Executable files
prest-plus-v4.09-linux.tar.gz Linux executable (64-bit) MacOS executable

Older version (v3.02)

If you would like to download v3.02 of prest follow this link: PREST Version 3.02


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