MSc Program: Right Background

Do you have the right background to apply to our MSc Program?

The official minimal requirements can be found on the Departments of Statistics listing in the School of Graduate School’s calendar. However, for your application to be considered competitive for the MSc program in the Department of Statistics at the University of Toronto, you should have the following:

  • An appropriate bachelor’s degree with high academic standing from a recognized university in a related field such as Statistics, Actuarial Science, Mathematics, Economics, Engineering or any discipline where there is a significant quantitative component
  • A grade point average equivalent to at least a B+ at U. Toronto in the final year or over senior courses
  • The equivalent of most, though not necessarily all, of the following courses:
    • MAT 137Y (Calculus)
    • MAT 235Y/237Y (Multivariable Calculus)
    • MAT 223H/240H (Linear Algebra I)
    • MAT 224H/247H (Linear Algebra II)
    • MAT 337H (Introduction to Real Analysis)
    • STA 257H (Introductory Probability and Statistics I)
    • STA 261H (Introductory Probability and Statistics II)
    • STA 347H (Probability Theory)
    • STA 452H / 453H  ( Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I & II )
    • STA 302H (Applied Regression Analysis) [same as STA 1001H]
    • STA 304H (Sample Survey Theory and its Application) [same as STA 1003H]
    • STA 305H (Introduction to Experimental Design) [same as STA 1004H]
    • STA 355H (Theory of Statistical Practice)
    • STA 437H (Applied Multivariate Analysis) [same as STA 2005H]

    To repeat, it is not necessary to have all of the above courses; in particular, extensive mathematics background together with some upper-year statistics background is also sufficient.

If you meet these criteria, then we would be delighted to receive your application for the MSc program. (Note, however, that admissions are determined by the Graduate Committee on a competitive basis, and there is no guarantee of admission even if you meet the above requirements.)

If you have an appropriate bachelor’s degree that has appropriate breadth, depth and, where appropriate, an affinity to the graduate program as determined by the School of Graduate Studies, but do not have the equivalent of most of the above courses, then you may wish to upgrade your background by taking some of the above courses as an undergraduate non-degree (special) student.

To enquire about applying for admission as an Undergraduate Non-Degree Student, contact Admissions and Awards, 172 St. George Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5R 0A3 (416-978-2190); note that their application deadlines are quite early. (Note also that you are responsible for ensuring that you have the appropriate pre-requisites, as listed in the undergraduate course calendar or at:, before enrolling in a course.)

Once you have most of the above courses (or equivalents), you may then apply to our MSc program at that time. However, note that there is still no guarantee of admission, and your application would again be considered by the Graduate Committee on a competitive basis.

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