Research Computing

Research and Graduate Student Computing Facilities

The Department of Statistics provides extensive computing facilities for graduate students and for research purposes.

The Department currently has a main server (utstat.toronto,edu) which provides network services such as file serving, email, web hosting, backups, etc. It also has three high-speed compute servers (jupiter.utstat and venus.utstat and mercury.utstat) for more intensive computation, as well as two Microsoft Windows servers, computing areas for graduate students, extensive Statistical and Mathematical software (including R, SAS, Matlab, Maple, Mathematica, TeX/LaTeX, troff, etc.), and several network printers. Many department members also use their own computers for various purposes. Some external compute-intensive resources such as SciNet can also be used.

The Department makes a good selection of computer hardware and software available to its members, and we continuously evolve and upgrade our compute configuration, supported by University and NSERC funds.

The links at the left provide information on some of the many tasks which can be accomplished with our department computers, and should be consulted as needed. For questions and aditional assistance, department members should contact the System Administrator, Dermot Whelan, or the Computer Faculty Liaison, Jeffrey Rosenthal.

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