MSc Program Information


The Department offers full and part-time programs at the MSc level. The full-time program is 3 sessions but students may complete requirements within 2 academic sessions (totaling 8 months from September to April), while the part-time program normally takes 6 academic sessions (totaling 20 months from September to April two years later). The Department offers courses in a wide range of theoretical and applied topics in Statistics, Probability and Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance. Consult our Graduate Course Listings for further details.

Please consult the graduate calendar for related and other issues.

For registration / enrollment forms, change in program status (e.g. going on leave), etc.. please consult the SGS forms website.

Program Requirements

Students accepted into the MSc program (full-time and part-time) are required to complete 4.0 full course equivalents (FCEs) – the analog of 8 one semester courses. There is no thesis component, however, students are encouraged to take one project based course if they are considering going on to a PhD.

Of the total required courses, 2.0 FCEs must be chosen from the list below:

Course Code Course Description FCEs
STA 2101H Methods of Applied Statistics I 0.5
STA 2201H Methods of Applied Statistics II 0.5
STA 2111H Graduate Probability I 0.5
STA 2211H Graduate Probability II 0.5
STA 2112H Mathematical Statistics I 0.5
STA 2212H Mathematical Statistics II 0.5

1. Those continuing on to a PhD should strongly consider taken Probability I & II and Math Stats I & II.
2. Students who have taken the equivalent of Math Stats I & II in their previous degree, may be waived this requirement. In that case, students will only be required to take 1.0 FCEs from the above list, but still must take a total of 4.0 FCEs.

“Note that STA3000Y F & S can ONLY be taken by PhD students in the Department of Statistical Sciences.”

The remaining 2.0 FCEs may be selected from:

  • Any course of 2000 level or higher in the Department of Statistics
  • Any course of 1000 level or higher in another graduate unit at U. Toronto  with enough statistical, computational, probabilistic or mathematical content
  • One 0.5 FCE as a reading course under the course code STA 4000HF/4000HY or
    STA 4001HS/STA4002HS
  • One 0.5 FCE as a research project under the course code STA 4000HF/4000HY or
    STA 4001HS/STA4002HS
  • At most 1.0 FCEs from the collection of 6 week courses STA 45## which are 0.25 FCE each – i.e., a maximum of 4 of these 6 week courses

All programs must be approved by the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies and students must meet with the Associate Chair to ensure that their program meets the requirements and is of sufficient depth to warrant the degree.


Students should not take courses that closely duplicate material from a previous degree; however, it is entirely appropriate to take courses that cover similar material at a substantially higher level.

The Associate Chair for Graduate Studies meets with all students (full-time and part-time) before final course choices are made to ensure that the courses chosen provide the best preparation for the student’s future plans.

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