Students bring home Statistical Society Canada awards

Best student presentation: Victor Veitch for his joint work with Professor Daniel Roy, “Models and inference for sparse random graphs using exchangeable random measures”.

Case study #2 winning team:  Hongyang Hu, Wei Lin, Faizan Mohsin, Ruoqi Yu  and Yuxin Zou.

The subject:  using machine learning methods toto predict the sustainability of charitable organizations in Canada.

This team consists of one graduate student and four senior undergraduates. These four undergraduate students, together with Jasmine Nguyen, also brought home the only two awards to undergraduates at the 2016 student conference:

Best oral presentation award for undergraduate students: Faizan Mohsin, Hongyang  Hu and Jasmine Nguyen, “Assessment of the impact on the results of a longitudinal data set when using different imputation methods.” This presentation is based on their project in the undergraduate statistical consultation course.

Best poster presentation award for undergraduate students: Ruoqi Yu and Yuxin Zou. “ Approximation of P-value function for Poisson distribution with small sample”. This poster is created from their project conducted in theory of inference course that they took in 2015 fall with extra supervision from Professor Don Fraser.

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