U of T courses adopt the inverted classroom

Statistics Professor Nathan Taback is also taking advantage of the inverted classroom in the style of STA220, The Practice of Statistics 1.Despite recognizing the disadvantages resulting from this method, such as the additional effort required and the dependency on students coming to class prepared, Taback is very optimistic on the future of the inverted classroom in U of T.

Taback emphasized the importance of getting students to deepen their knowledge beyond just memorizing facts, which are readily available. “This is really important in today’s world since we have so many facts at our fingertips, but people will need to become even better at assimilating these facts in the future. I believe that many jobs in the future will require this skill. So there should be a much greater focus on deep learning in the classrooms at U of T [and other universities].”

Regardless of whether or not the inverted classroom is here to stay, it is clear that it remains controversial among students.

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