The Curious World of Probabilities, by Professor Jeffrey S. Rosenthal: A sold out event!

University of Toronto Alumni and Friends are invited to a presentation titled : The Curious World of Probabilities


Professor Jeffrey S. Rosenthal
Department of Statistics
University of Toronto
Author, Struck by Lightning: The Curious World of Probabilities


What are the chances…

Probabilities and randomness arise whenever we’re not sure what will happen next. They apply to everything from lottery jackpots to airplane crashes, casinos, homicide rates, medical studies, election polls, coincidences, poker games, and even criminal convictions.

Invited back after last year’s wildly successful UTN presentation, Professor Rosenthal again explores the use of probability in everyday life. His book Struck by Lightning was a Canadian bestseller which led to numerous media and public appearances, and to his work exposing the Ontario lottery retailer scandal.

Join fellow alumni, friends, and neighbours to learn how a probability perspective can shed new light on familiar situations that matter to you.

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