Currently the Department is comprised of 34 faculty. Over the past five years we have enhanced our strength in research through continued hiring of outstanding junior faculty, and we have at least two junior faculty members on career trajectories that will potentially lead to COPSS Award nominations. We share with Waterloo the largest number of gold medalists (5) of the Statistical Society of Canada and our leading senior researchers regularly receive disciplinary awards, are active in public lectures as well as leading international conferences. Our research faculty are well supported by NSERC and have been successful in obtaining additional funds from various sources, including the Networks of Centers of Excellence and the new ACCELERATE Internship program. A review of NSERC data indicates that statisticians at the University of Toronto receive more research funding than any other institution in Canada.

Our Staff

A critical component to achieving our priorities, and the foundation of any successful department, is our staff. The Department is fortunate in having 12 outstanding staff members which includes a Department Manager, an Executive Assistant to the Chair, Financial Officer, Graduate and Undergraduate Coordinators, an Office Assistant and a Systems Administrator, as well as  a Communications Officer, Internship & Mentorship Administrator, and an Internship Outreach Administrator and Graduate Administrator for the MFI program.

Our Students

Graduates of our undergraduate program in actuarial science are found at the highest levels of management in industry. We have recently graduated several PhD students whose research was in actuarial science and finance: five of these hold academic actuarial appointments in Canada and others hold high level positions in the finance and insurance industry. Our undergraduate statistics specialists have been exceptionally strong in recent years, with the best of them continuing to graduate study at the University of Chicago, Stanford University, and elsewhere. Our graduate students have also been in demand for both academic and professional positions. It is well known throughout North America that graduates in statistical science are highly sought after and our students ultimately pursue careers in academia, research institutes and industry. The Department hosts an undergraduate student union SASSU, an undergraduate actuarial science student’s club, and a graduate student’s union SGSU.

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