Sample projects

  1. Environmental study of the removal of the compound AOX from waste water produced by pulp and paper mills. The study sought to examine which system variables were related to the removal of AOX.
  2. A study of the spatializing sound transmission. The study sought to examine the differences between different software for sound spatialization and to see at which angle sound was most clearly heard.
  3. A meta-analysis of the overall placebo effect in asthma drug trials.
  4. An observational study to determine the reasons that influence corporate greening, and which factors are related to the success of projects that are due to corporate greening. This study sought to examine which activities companies were most likely to participate in and which activities they found most useful in the process of shifting to sustainable business practices.
  5. A meta-analysis to determine the overall relation between heterozygosity at the genetic level and heterosis at the phenotype level.
  6. Developing a measure to assess performance in the ware-housing industry.
  7. Providing statistical consulting to the Research Services Division of The Ministry of the Solicitor General and Correctional Services.
  8. A study was conducted by a researcher in Chemical Engineering to study three different bio-filters, and their effect on the removal of a given toxin. The proportion of fifty fatty acids were measured at repeated intervals over time, from three locations in each filter. Our analysis is to determine if the three filters are significantly different from one another in terms of the proportions of the fatty acids.
  9. A comparison of B4-Galactosyl Transferase Assay between a normal control and patients with a rare type of anemia for a client in the Institute of Medical Sciences.
  10. A study comparing brain metabolism in eight different regions of the brain, and in three different sleep states. This work is for a client in the Institute of Medical Sciences.
  11. A study examining the effect of age, gender, tumour size, type of surgery and nodal positivity on the recurence of thyroid cancer and upon mortality.
  12. Providing statistical consultation to researchers at the Clarke Institute on a study examining the relationship between perception of time and mental health.
  13. A study examining the accuracy of a sampling procedure for wheat starch (used in the removal of paint) and testing if there is a size difference between new and recycled starch.
  14. A study examining intimal thickening at various vein sites following coronary bypass surgery, for researchers in the department of Biomedical Engineering.
  15. Performing a simulation to determine sample size for a study in bio-mechanics to assess the effect of various mechanical lifting devices upon the human body.
  16. A study examiming the growth rate of pollen tubes between self and cross fertilizing plants, and in different length flowers.
  17. A study examining children’s expressive devices in singing.
  18. A study examining the relation between spending on education and GDP, as well as the relation between capital formation and employment.
  19. A study examining the relation between the number of flowers, flowers displayed and seeds produced over the course of a season.
  20. A study to assess the accuracy of a machine to measure retinal blood flow.
  21. A study in tumour immunology.
  22. A study examining the correlation among different bio-chemical factors.
  23. Designing a survey strategy for a property management firm.
  24. Assessing the effect of different treatments and age on three different metabolites.
  25. Providing methodology to assess the efficacy of a certain type of hand surgery.
  26. Comparing hand to eye coordination over time between Cerebral Palsy patients and normal controls.
  27. Examining gene expression between different tumours and mutations.
  28. Sample size calculation for a questionnaire with an Anova type design.
  29. Child health survey.
  30. Comparing physiological measurements between a sample of different grass species within different families.
  31. Comparing the number of beatles caught in different environments, and using different types of bait.
  32. Assessing the precision of a CT-Scan in measuring facial fractures.
  33. Helping with the interpretation of output from a logistic regression model.
  34. Determining the odds of winning in a charity lottery.
  35. Characterizing microbial communities at a waste water treatment plant.
  36. Comparing characteristics of theses with journal articles over the same time period.
  37. A study examining why the untreated depressed don’t seek care.
  38. A study of behaviour among child hemophiliacs.
  39. An assessment of the relative evidentiary value of multiple attestations to a textual variant found in the greek texts of the Psalms.
  40. Control charts with random error introduced.
  41. Assessing a treatment effect and the effect due to light intensity upon circadian rythms in an experiment where each animal was its own control.
  42. Examining the number of sound levels (including intensity, pitch and duration) that a patient with cerebral palsy is capable of making.
  43. Comparing two different treatments for Gall bladder removal.
  44. Advice on sample size determination for a questionnaire assessing students’ evaluation of their communication skills.
  45. Unbalanced cross-over design to assess different methods of measuring oxygen in tumours.
  46. Statistical issues concerning the regulation of Bovine Growth Hormone.
  47. Study examining the effect of different diets on amino acid utilization.
  48. Presentation of statistics for a survey examining parents’ perception of care for injured children.
  49. Statistical advice for a study examining diets with different levels of amino acids on pre-mature babies.
  50. Statistical advice for a study examining factors related to job stress and job satisfaction for social workers in Metro hospitals.
  51. Density estimation of angular measurements arising from studying the applicability of Ohm’s law to neurons.
  52. Study examining the difference between the rating of pain with changing temperature, different rates of change, location of temperature, and method of pain assessment.
  53. Study examining the factors related to failure of a shunt implanted in the brain.
  54. Consulting concerning the use of a Factor Analysis psychiatric research.
  55. Consulting concerning a survey to assess the relationship between providing care for people with chronic lung problems and environmental action.
  56. An consultation comparing different regression lines from a series of experiments.
  57. Analysing the relationships in a web of industrial alliances.
  58. Consulting concerning questions on a survey examining the relationship between implementation of downsizing and employee perceptions in academic libraries.
  59. Consulting on methodology to compared variances from eye tracking data between trials of different length.
  60. Assessing the relationship between therapists responses in psychotherapy sessions and client outcomes.
  61. Assessing patients preference for functional versus asthetic improvement in hand surgery on arthritic patients. Studying improvement in function and perception of hands following surgery.
  62. Assessing the reliability of responses to a survey studying health issues among pregnant women.
  63. Studying differences between waste treatment plants.
  64. Studying difference in effluent treatment plants.
  65. Methods to assess fragmentation in the activity patterns of animals.
  66. Assessing the differences in rates of publication of articles on randomized controlled trials in medical journals.
  67. Explaining items on a statistical checklist for an article for a medical journal.
  68. Examining relationships between factors in Alternate Dispute Resolution mechanisms and outcomes.
  69. Methods for describing the accuracy of a method for dating medieval manuscripts (from the DEEDS Project).
  70. Randomization and Bootstrap methods to assess the movement towards extreme times for fish to complete a maze following treatment.
  71. Helping formulate questions to assess attitudes to automobile use versus alternatives, in Metro Toronto.
  72. Assessing the effect of a chemical upon phsiological and genetic variables measured in different tree families.
  73. Assessing different methods of detecting lying in psychiatric patients.
  74. A study of blood pressure regulation.
  75. Assessing changes in fish behaviour in response to different stimuli.
  76. Comparing two correlated regression lines.
  77. Designing sampling scheme to sample stroke patients.
  78. Small sample comparison of paired measurements.
  79. Comparison of treatments in a transplant study.
  80. Analysis of growth of compounds in plants over time.
  81. Comparisons of muscle architecture.
  82. Studying genetic relationships in mental illness.
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