X-Windows Servers for Home Use

If you have a computer at home, you may wish to set it up so that you can work on the utstat computes from home in much the same way as you could in your office. One option is to install Linux on your home computer, which comes with an X-Windows server (all you need to add is an Internet connection). If you would rather run some variant of Microsoft Windows, you will need to install an X-Windows server. There are several of these available.

Perhaps the cheapest option is to install the free cygwin environment, which allows your Microsoft Windows machine look almost the same as Unix, and which includes an X-Windows server. This may also be the best option. If you find downloading cygwin directly to be too slow, then you may request a copy of the software on a CD.

One you have established an internet connection at home, then you can login to the server.

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