UTSTAT Administration

Who to contact for help

The utstat system administrator is Dermot Whelan, who can be found in one of the following ways:

You should contact Dermot in order to:

  • Get an account on utstat.
  • Fix a problem with your account (eg, forgot your password).
  • Report problems with hardware or software (eg, printer is hung).
  • Suggest possible improvements (eg, obtaining certain software).

You may also direct suggestions or requests to the Chair of the Computer Committee, currently Jeffrey Rosenthal. He might also be able to fix some problems when Dermot isn’t around.

Courtesy to other users

When using utstat, please be courteous to other users, by not making excessive use of limited resources. In particular:

  • Please do not run too many computationally-intensive programs at once, as they can slow down the entire computer. (To see how much of the CPU power your programs are using, use the “top” command.)
  • Be careful when running jobs that require lots of memory, since really big jobs can slow the whole system down. See monitoring programs you are running for some commands that help with this.
  • Please remove large files that you no longer need, so that we will not run out of disk space. See monitoring disk usage for some commands that will help with this.


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