The department gives out a number of awards to deserving Staff, Faculty and Students. These are described below together with a record of the recipients.

Department of Statistical Sciences Faculty and Staff Awards

Angela Fleury awarded the Dean’s Outstanding Administrative Service Award 2015-05-11

Balint Virag Awarded the 2010 Coxeter-James Prize  2010-03-24

Grace Y. Yi Awarded CRM-SSC Prize in Statistics 2010-03-22

Andrea Carter Awarded the Dean’s Outstanding Administrative Service Award   2010-03-18

Nancy Reid is the recipient of the F. N. David Award   2009-10-06

The Statistical Society of Canada (SSC) Gold Medal Awarded to Professor Nancy Reid 2009-06-01

Danny Ng is recipient of 2007-08 Master’s award  2008-09-02

Teaching Assistant Awards  2008-09-02

Nancy Reid awarded Parzen Prize  2008-06-01

Bálint Virág awarded Rollo Davidson Prize  2008-06-01

Jeff Rosenthal wins the COPSS award!!  2007-07-31

Congratulations to Mylène Bédard, winner of the Pierre Robillard award  2007-06-12

2006 CRM-SSC Prize in Statistics awarded to Dr. Jeffrey Rosenthal  2007-06-06


Department of Statistical Sciences Teaching Assistant Award

Each year the Department of Statistics gives out three of these awards to graduate students who have either lectured in a course or lead a tutorial throughout at least one term. The basis for the award is the quality of their work and this is measured by student evaluation and by faculty input. These awards reflect the importance that the Department of Statistics places on undergraduate teaching and the importance of the acquisition of good teaching skills as part of graduate student training.

Recipients of the Department of Statistics Teaching Assistant Awards

2015-16 – Evgeny Levi, Yanbo Tang
2014-15 – Bo Chen, Victor Veitch
2013-14 – Becky Lin, Dameng Tang
2012-13 – Cristina Anton, Shivon Sue-Chee
2011-12 – Craig Burkett, Uyen Hoang, Edward Kam Fai Lei
2010-11 – Meng Du, Alexander Shestopaloff, Shivon Sue-Chee, Ramya Thinniyam
2009-10 – Andriy Derkach, Cody Severinski, Chunyi Wang
2008-09 – Avery Haviv, Tara Cai, Sara Wattling-Sacharen
2007-08 – Elif Acar, Eriola Asllani, Zeynep Baskurt, Gun Ho Jang
2006-07 – Keith Broere, Tammy Fan, Mark Kane
2005-06 – Olga Chilina, Meaghen Cuerden
2004-05 – Mylène Bédard, Hyejung Jung, Longhai Li
2003-04 – Seung Jeon, Christine Min Lim, Ana-Maria Staicu
2002-03 – Krisztina Filep, Jinguang Li, Hadas Moshonov
2001-02 – Mohammad Dolatabadi, Emily Foo, Sohee Kang
2000-01 – Hanna Jankowski, Mahinda Samarakoon, Amir Urson
1999-00 – Daniel Koh, Walter Luk, John Sheriff
1998-99 – Pablo Lewinger, Micheline Lyew, Yun Grace Yi
1997-98 – Sonia Jain, Peter Kupchak, Ruxandra Spijavca
1996-97 – Joe Genovese, Emma Tucker, Kar Wong
1995-96 – Ann Kwon, Neil Montgomery, Nathan Taback
1994-95 – Alison Gibbs, Lise-Anne Monkhouse, Brenda Roberts
1993-94 – Brenda Crowe, Majid Mojirshebani, Lise-Anne Monkhouse

Department of Statistical Sciences Doctoral Award

This award is given to a graduate student for excellence in research.

Recipients of the Department of Statistics Doctoral Award

2015-16 – Dameng Tang
2014-15 – Mark Koudstaal
2013-14 – Jason Ricci
2012-13 – Andriy Derkach
2011-12 – Lizhen Xu
2010-11 – Ximing Xu
2009-10 – Elif Acari
2008-09 – Gun Ho Jang
2007-08 – Gun Ho Jang
2006-07 – Samuel Hikspoors
2005-06 – Ana-Maria Staicu
2004-05 – Mylène Bédard
2003-04 – Patrice Gaillardetz
2002-03 – John Sheriff
2001-02 – Mohammad Dolatabadi
2000-01 – Juan Pablo Lewinger
1999-00 – Hanna Jankowsk

Andrews Academic Achievement Award

This award is given for outstanding work in the Master’s program.

Recipients of the Andrews Academic Achievement Award

2015-16 – Xuheng Chen, Xing Shuo Zhai
2014-15 – Ali Al-Aradi, Alex Stringer
2013-14 – Namdar Homayounfar, Yi Lu
2012-13 – Vu Thien Huong Le, Evgeny Levi
2011-12 – Craig Burkett
2010-11 – Hanyue Wang
2009-10 – Cody Severinski
2008-09 – Mark Koudstaal
2007-08 – Lian Huan Ng
2006-07 – Tim Guimond and Lizhen Xu
2005-06 – Yuntian Fan and Tak Hong Victor Leung
2004-05 – Bin Li
2003-04 – Angel Valov
2002-03 – Meng Du and Krisztina Filep
2001-02 – Mylène Bédard and Jianguo Zhang
2000-01 – Mardjan Tassoudji

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