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Welcome to the University of Toronto actuarial home page. If crawling around the Web got you here accidentally and you’d like to know more about actuarial science and the actuarial profession, here are a couple of links that you can try. One useful website to look at is Be An Actuary.

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries , the Society of Actuaries and the Casualty Actuarial Society are professional associations representing the actuarial profession.

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Programs and Courses

Please refer to the course calendar link for more information about the Actuarial Science program and courses.

Important Course Information in Light of July 2018 SOA Curriculum Change


U of T Actuarial Science Student Club

The actuarial science student club organizes many activities throughout the year for the benefit of the students. The student club invites all actuarial students to participate. Please visit the club homepage at www.

In order to join the club e-mail list, send a blank email to The club e-mail address is .

ASNA/ANEA – Actuarial Students National Association

The Actuarial Students National Association (ASNA/ANEA) is a Canadian university student actuarial association that has many of Canada’s university actuarial programs as affiliate members.

Rules For Minimum Grade C in ACT240, ACT245 and ACT247

These rules will be strictly enforced by the Department of Statistics.

If the course is passed but a minimum mark of 63 is not achieved, the summer (or later session) course can be taken as an “extra credit”. If the minimum mark of 63 is not obtained the second time the course is taken, the student will not be permitted to take the course a 3rd time and the student will not be permitted to enrol in any 3rd or 4th year ACT courses. The repeat of ACT240H, ACT245H or ACT247H can be done once only. Students who do not complete any 2nd year ACT course for any reason (missed final exam, GWR, etc), will need to complete the course and obtain the minimum mark of 63 before being allowed to register in any 3rd or 4th year ACT course. In order to enroll into the specialist program, a minimum mark of 70 is required in all three of the courses ACT240, ACT245 and ACT247.

In addition, the following rules will apply for students who have passed Exam FM:

– If a student has passed ACT240 and ACT245 and SOA Exam FM before or in May 2017, the minimum mark requirement will be regarded as being satisfied for ACT240 and ACT245.

– If a student has passed ACT240 and SOA Exam FM in or after June 2017, the minimum mark requirement will be regarded as being satisfied for ACT240. SOA FM exam taken in or after June 2017 can no longer be used as a substitute for ACT245 requirement.

If the minimum mark requirement is satisfied as a result of SOA exam, the student must submit a copy of the SOA passing mark notification (with student number, ROSI transcript, e-mail and phone contact) to the Dept of Statistics (SS6018) before being allowed to enrol in 3rd or 4th year ACT courses.

Canadian Institute of Actuaries Accreditation Program

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries University Accreditation Program website can be found at the following link CIA-UAP. This program grants exam credit for SOA/CAS exams FM/2, MLC, MFE/3F and C/4 and CAS exam 3L based on the mapping between U of T St. George courses and SOA/CAS exams. This credit is subject to meeting minimum grade requirements in the various courses. The mapping between U of T St. George courses and SOA/CAS exams is found at the following link: exemptions available for U of Toronto courses.  Information on how to apply for credits can be found at CIA credits. Note that CIA credit is valid only for St. George campus courses and also note that accreditation is not available for Exam P/1. Currently the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) recognizes equivalent credit as in the UAP program but the SOA does not recognize those credits. The CAS exam numbering is different from that of the SOA. See the “exemptions for U of Toronto courses” link above.

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries has a code of conduct and ethics that actuaries are expected to follow. Information on that can be found at the following two links:


SOA Approved Courses for VEE Credit

The Society of Actuaries has approved the following courses for VEE credit:

St. George and UTM –
ECO100Y or ECO105Y or Micro: ECO206Y or ECO204Y , Macro: ECO202Y or ECO208Y or ECO209Y
UTSC – (MGFB10H+MGFC10H) or Micro: MGEA01H or MGAE02H or (MGEB02H+MGEC02H), Macro: MGEA05H or MGEA06H

Corporate Finance:
St. George and UTM –
ACT349H or (ECO358H + ECO359H) or (CHE374H + CHE375H) or (RSM332H+RSM333H) or (ECO2503H+ECO2504H)

Applied Statistical Methods:
St. George and UTM – Time Series :
STA457H or ECO475H, Regression: STA302H or STA304H or ECO375H

In order to receive VEE credit for a particular topic, you must get a grade of at least B- in the associated courses . The SOA is accepting approval requests from students. Additional information about VEE is online at the SOA website at the following link .

Scholarships for Undergraduate Actuarial Science Students

Please refer to Scholarships in Actuarial Science for additional information.


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