New Specialist Program in Applied Statistics

Students in the applied statistics specialist program will develop expertise in the use of statistics for scientific problem solving and in collaborative work which is inherent to statistical practice.

U of T Campus

As data become ubiquitous and easier to acquire, particularly on a massive scale, models for data are becoming increasingly complex.  In many areas of science and industry there is strong demand for statistical expertise to help find the structure in noisy data.   The program in applied statistics is designed to train students to meet that demand. This design has two fundamental features. One involves the acquisition of advanced expertise in statistical reasoning, methods and computation. The other is a clearly defined, and prescribed, concentration in another discipline that permits the student to become conversant in that discipline to the extent that they can effectively collaborate. The successful student will acquire enhanced skills in communication, consultation and collaboration. The program is accessible to students in the sciences, social sciences, and other disciplines where specialized expertise in quantitative methods is an asset.

The applied statistics specialist program focuses on scientific problem solving and the collaborative nature of statistical practice. It aligns with new directions in statistical education that emphasize modern demands of the discipline through the application of statistical reasoning to important current problems in other areas.  This program meets a need for developing statistical scientists who are prepared for both careers in industry and collaborative research. It provides outstanding scientific training for work in collaborative research, and preparation for post-graduate work in statistics, biostatistics, or the concentration discipline where the students’ quantitative expertise will prepare them to make potentially unique contributions. Professional accreditation of statisticians is gaining worldwide prominence with accreditation programs in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and some European countries. Graduates from this program will be prepared for a professional career in statistical practice and will be eligible to apply for the Associate Statistician (A.Stat.) designation from the Statistical Society of Canada.

For more information please contact David Brenner, Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies in Statistics

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