Statistics at UTSC

Statistics at the University of Toronto at Scarborough (UTSC) is concerned with research and teaching in the fields of probability and statistics. We offer a number of courses and programs designed to acquaint students with the fundamental concepts in these fields.

The following faculty members are currently teaching statistics courses at Scarborough:

  • Butler, Ken, Ph.D, Lecturer (Statistics)
  • Damnouras, Sotirios, Ph.D, Lecturer (Statistics, Mathematical Finance)
  • Evans, Mike, Ph.D, Professor (Statistical inference, Bayesian inference)
  • Moras, Michael, Ph.D, Lecturer (Probability)
  • Samarakoon, Mahinda, Ph.D, Lecturer (Statistics)
  • Salakhutdinov, Ruslan, Ph.D, Assistant Professor (Statistics, Machine Learning)
  • Virág, Bálint, Ph.D, Professor, Canada Research Chair (Probability)

Consult their web pages to find out about their research and teaching.

Scarborough students can take statistics courses on the St. George campus and this website is a good resource to find out about the offerings here.

For a full list of programs and more information about the Department of Statistics at UTSC, please click here.


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