2018-2019 Winter Graduate Timetable

New! 2018-2019 Graduate Winter Timetable

Fall term classes begin on September 10 2018
Winter term classes begin on January 07, 2019

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9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m. on

Check this page frequently as timetable changes may occur even after classes begin.

Last updated on August 17, 2018

NOTE: 4500 level courses are 0.25 FCEs and last 6 weeks NOTE: 1000 level courses cannot be taken for credit by graduate students in the Department of Statistical Sciences.*For Statistics Graduate Students Only** Must contact instructor for permission to enroll Winter 2019


Course Session Code Title Section Time Location Instructor
STA1001H/STA302H1 F Methods of Data Analysis I L0101 T10-12; R10 OI G162  M. Ebden
L5101 R5-8 ES 1050  M. Ebden
L5201 W6-9 MS 3153 F. Tounkara
STA1003H/STA304H1 F Survey Sam & Obs Data L0101 W1; F1-3 ES 1050  S. Sue-Chee
L0201 T12-2; R 11 PB B150  D. Banjevic
STA2005H/STA437H1 F Applied Mult Stat L0101 W 2-5 NF 003  D. Kong
STA2101H/STA442H F Methods of Applied Stat 1 L0101 F2-5 MP 202  J. Brunner
STA2102H/STA410H1 F Statistical Computation L0101 M2; W1-3  M2: MP 203; W1-3: KP 108  K. Knight
STA2111H F Graduate Probability I L0101 M2-5 SS 1069  Z. Zhou
STA2112H/STA452H1 F Mathematical Statistics I L0101 W10-12; F10 WI 1016  D. Brenner
STA2202H/STA457H1 F Time Series Analysis L5101 T 6-9 OI G162  J.W. Lin
STA2453H* Y Data Science Methods, Collaboration, & Communications L0101 T10-12 IN 204  N. Taback
STA2500H/ACT451H1 F Loss Models L0101 T11; R10-12 SS 1088  S. Broverman
STA2501H F Mathematical Risk Theory L0101 M9-12 TBA S. Lin
STA2502H/ACT460H1 F Stoch Methods for Act. Sci & Fin L0101 T2-5 SS 2127  Y. Zhang
STA2503H/MMF1928H ** F Applied Prob for Math Finance L0101 W2-5
W2-5: UC 161; M4-6: SS 2110)  S. Jaimungal
 STA2600H F NEW! Teaching Statistics L0101  Not offered  B. White
STA2700H F Comput Inference & Graphical Models L0101 T9-11; R11 AB 114  M. Molkaraie
STA3000Y F Advanced Theory of Statistics L0101 T2-5 UC 53  D. Roy
STA3431HF F Monte Carlo Methods L0101 M 10-12 SS 1072  J. Rosenthal
STA4002HF F Advance Special Topics L0101 T10-12
STA4501H-1 F – 1st half
(Sept 12 – Oct 17)
Functional Data Analysis and Related Topics L5101 W6-9 SS 2120  F. Yao
STA4507H-1 F – 1st half
(Sept 18- Oct 23)
Extreme Value Theory & Applications L0101 T1-4 UC 44  S. Engelke
STA4508H-1 F – 2nd half
(Oct 16 – Nov 20)
Topics in Likelihood Inference L0101 T10-1 SS 2110 N. Reid
STA4515H-2 F- 2nd half        (Oct 25 – Nov 29) Multiple Hypothesis Testing & It’s Applications L0101 R10-1 UC-D301 L. Sun
 STA4517HF-1 F- 1st half           (Sept 13 – Oct 19) NEW! Foundations & Trends in Casual Inference L0101 R2-3:F11-1 R2-3: BA B024; F11-1: UC 255  L. Wang
Course Session Code Title Section Time
STA1001H/STA302H1 S Methods of Data Analysis I L0101 T10-12; R10 HS 610  F. Tounkara
STA1002H/STA303h1 S Methods of Data Analysis II L0101 TR10-12 BA 1160  S. Sue-Chee
L0201 T 3-5; R11-1 MP 202  S. Sue-Chee
STA1003H/STA304H1 S Survey Sam & Obs Data L0101 M4; R3-5 MS 2158  D. Banjevic
STA1004H/STA305H1 S Design of scientific Studies L0101 M11; W11-1 M11: SS 2120; W11-1: SS 2105  M. Ebden
L0201 T 1;R 4-6 ES 1050  M. Ebden
STA2005H/STA437H1 S Applied Mult Stat L0101 T2-5  NF003  F. Yao
STA2006H/STA447H1 S Stochastic Processes L5101 R6-9 MB 128  J. Rosenthal
STA2016H/STA465H1 S New! Theory & Methods for Complex spatial Data L0101 R1; F11-1 SS 1071  D. Simpson
STA2080H/STA480 S Funds of Statistical Genetics L0101 T10-1 RW 143  L. Sun
 STA2104H/STA414H1 S Statistical Methods for Machine Learning ll L0101 M2-5 WI 1017  D. Duvenaud
L5101 T 7-10 SS 2118  M. Erdogdu
STA2201H S Methods of Applied Statistics II L0101 W2-5 BL 325  P. Brown
STA2202H/STA457H1 S Time Series Analysis L0101 R3-6 AH 100  J.W. Lin
STA2211H S Graduate Probability II L0101 T9-11; R9 BA 6183  B. Virag
STA2212H/STA453H1 S Mathematical Statistics II L0101 W10-12; F10 GB 404  D. Brenner
STA2453H* Y Data Science Methods, Collaboration, & Communications L0101 T10-12 BF 315  N. Taback
STA2505H/ACT466H1 S Credibility & Simulation L0101 T11; R10-12 TBA  A. Badescu
STA2555H/CSC2537 S Information Visualization L0101 T10-12 BA 2159  F. Chevalier
STA3000Y S Advanced Theory of Statistics L0101 M10-1 SS 2119  Q. Sun
STA4246H S Research Topics in Math Finance L0101 M 6-9 (exception Tuesday March 26, 2019. One time only) EP 409  Y. Zhang (1st half)

L. Wong (2nd half)

Course will be co-taught

STA4273H/CSC2547 S Topics Stats Machine Learning L0101 R2-4 AB 107  M. Erdogdu
STA4506H-1 S – 1st half          (Jan 8 – Feb 12)
Non-stationary Time Analysis L0101 T2-5 BL 312  Z. Zhou
STA4522H-1 S – 1st half term (Jan 11 – Feb 15)
New! The Measurement of Statistical Evidence L0101 F11-2 SS 2101  M. Evans

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