MScAC Data Science Concentration

The MSc in Applied Computing (MScAC) concentration in data science is offered jointly by the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Statistical Sciences. Data science is at the interface between computer science and statistics. It’s the science of learning from data and extracting information from it.  The profession involves data wrangling and exploration, data representation (e.g. using databases), computing with data, data visualization and presentation, and data modelling (e.g. machine learning and traditional statistical models).

After completing eight months of advanced technical courses in Computer Science and Statistics and related subjects, you will begin an internship at an industry partner organization.  (Though we do not guarantee remuneration, our students have so far been 100% successful in finding paid internships, and last year’s average salary was $55,000.)  During your intensive eight-month internship, you will work together with your industry partner and faculty supervisor to determine the hands-on needs of a project from inception to completion.

For more information, please see the MSc in Applied Computing web page

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