Cross-Listed Courses

The following courses are cross-listed

Actuarial Science

Undergrad Courses Graduate Courses Course Title
ACT451H1 STA2500H  Loss Models
ACT460H1 STA2502H Stochastic Methods for Actuarial Science
ACT466H1 STA2505H Credibility and Simulation

Statistical Sciences

Undergrad Courses Graduate Courses Course Title
STA302H1 STA1001H Methods of Data Analysis I
STA303H1 STA1002H Methods of Data Analysis II
STA304H1 STA1003H Surveys, Sampling and Observational Data
STA305H1 STA1004H Design and Analysis of Experiments
STA410H1 STA2102H Statistical Computation
STA414H1 STA2104H Statistical Methods for Data Mining & Machine Learning
STA437H1 STA2005H Methods for multivariate data
STA442H1 STA2101H Methods of Applied Statistics
STA447H1 STA2006H Stochastic Processes
STA452H1 STA2112H Mathematical Statistics I
STA453H1 STA2212H Mathematical Statistics II
STA457H1 STA2202H Time Series Analysis
STA480H1 STA2080H Fundamentals of Statistical Genetics

Note: For a list of courses currently offered see the A&S timetable

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